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Scarves are fun, colorful, & highly textured.
What versatility!
In spite of focusing on natural fibers elsewhere, the flexibility of scarves is one area where textures and a wild mix of novelty fibers offers interesting accents, no matter your outfit. Textures may be fluffy, fringy, loopy or nubby, and multi-colored. Some are straight, smooth cottons, some are wildly textured, and some may be extra long infinity scarves. Loop them round and round, braid them, or unlace the ends and wear them straight.

Woolie Scarves,
Cotton Scarves,
Infinity Scarves

See also:
Triangle Novelty Scarves

Contact me for where to see my latest pieces or customize one of your own.


Garments & Accessories

       ~ Scarves
















From left: Infinity Scarf, cotton & novelty fibers; Vermeer's "Girl with Pearl Earring" models a combo of amber and gold wools; Copper nub yarns in cottons and novelty fibers with ceramic buttons; Wood's "American Gothic" holds a selection of wooly scarves, many handspun from my sheep; and a relatively smooth cotton scarf, long enough to wind round and round.
From left: Varigated shaded infinity scarf; another infinity scarf, with smooth pink cottons that were given a puckered surface; a selection of novelty
fibers; and detail closeups of the infinity scarf ties. These can be unlaced to wear with open ends. Below shows a variety of ways to wear them.







































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Regarding fibers:
    My cottons may include many textures, even though the surface is relatively smooth. Ie -I use 8/2 yarns, nubby and slub yarns, and curly boucles.  My wools also have similar textures, but may be thicker and fuzzier, or very fine Shetland wools. My sheep are Shetland crosses, known for a very fine, fuzzy yarn. But because of the cross with other other breeds, I think their wool is actually much softer. All may be hand-dyed with fiber-reactive dyes (permanent) in soft hues of many shades. Also, many are often dyed with natural dyes - berries, barks, flowers, etc.

An Amazing Custom: The Shetland Islands have a tradition of weaving a wedding shawl sooooo fine that it can be pulled through a wedding ring! Wow. Mine is not that fine, but the feel and an even softer texture is there.