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Creatively designed weavings in natural fibers
~   good feel, good wear, good looks  ~

My handwoven wearables in light-weight, breatheable cottons, integrate a unique expression
of color and texture into a traditional craft. A favorite technique is Leno-lace, which creates an open weave
by twisting the warp yarns and passing the weft through the twist. They started with a series of marine images, my "SeaShawls", and later meandered into forests and gardens with such iconic shapes as a maple leaf, magnolia blossom,seahorse or a lizard. Variety in pattern and depth in color changed the surface with a progression of shading and texture.
All shawls, throws, tops and wraps are woven with natural fibers; mostly cotton, but I also spin, dye,
and weave fleece from my sheep. Combined with nubby textures and clear, rich colors, their wool gives sensory experience, functional application, and visual appeal. The sheep's job description as chief lawnmowers,
garden pruners & fertilizing experts expand to include the additional task of supplier of scarves, throws, or pillows. They are expert "wool-gatherers". . . click on YarnTalk for stories and photos.

   My weaving began with 3rd grade cardboard looms and expanded with three degrees in Art Education and Graphics/Multimedia. It carried through several artist residencies over 35 years and 5 surrounding counties of No. Florida and So. Georgia. To see many photos of the groups I've worked with, see:
Dyed 'N Wool - kids' art parties, day camps, and home school groups
Just For Schools - classroom demos and workshops
Adult Workshops - Central Florida to the Panhandle, Atlanta, Baltimore, and points beyond.

The Process of handweaving involves preparation of yarns, which may or may not be handspun on a
spinning wheel, hand-dyed with natural or fiber-reactive dyes, and preparation of the loom. My weavings are
woven on a 4-harness loom, in basic Tabby weave, with occasional pattern weaving and much of the Leno-Lace.
Styles are "loom-shaped", traditionally sized and shaped on the loom as it is woven, which avoids excess cutting or sewing. Most edges are selvedges (not cut) and all new yarns are knotted in, which will never unravel. 
Fiberarts workshops and Demos - Weaving/Spinning, and also Handmade Paper-Making or Marbeling, are offered to schools and groups of all ages. Triangle Weaving, a fun technique for adult scarf of shawl making is described on the Classes page. The Rest Of The Story holds info on processes, terminology, and the studio.

I love incorporating my wearables into paintings by the Old Masters so they can model
them appropriately. These graphic composites, with recent photos of my work, are posted seasonally
on a new page, "Ready For You Now".

And my schedule of shows, demos, or workshops is on the Calendar. Since 1980, I've participated in juried shows, seasonal festivals or workshops, and gallery exhibits. Gallery showings are also listed on the calendar.
Resources gives links to helpful sites.

Many parts of this site (site map in construction at this time) are in continual process, such as the demos, changes in calendar, testimonials & publications, updates in the portfolio, etc.  Please check back periodically.

~ Privacy Policy: This site collects NO information, private or otherwise, from any user/visitor.
There is no submission form, no shopping cart and no registration. All pages open to the public. Contacts and sales are entirely in person, by phone, or email.

Mailing lists and newsletters are generated from personal contact at the shows, or if you would like to be on the list, just send me an email. Thank you for your interest in my arts & services.

Alice Cappa


Contact me for where to see my latest weavings or customizing one of your own.
Demos in fiberarts (Spinning/Weaving, Paper-Making, and Marbling)
or workshops are available for schools or organizations. Etsy, another site for fine crafts,
shows my work and links easily to paypal for quick service. Also check out the news & updates
and like my page on Facebook to follow photo albums of the shows, art activities & sheep.
Weaves by Cappa, Monticello, FL

Weaves by Cappa ~ Alice Cappa ~ acappa@alicecappa.com

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