Handwoven Wall Panels

see also Warp Paintings.

     Natural fibers have a comfortable, nubby texture, both visual and tactile. As a wall covering, they can be soothing, lively, warm and comfortable, or cool and airy. This also applies to windows, table coverings, and any of the myriad placements where textiles are used around the home. If you are in that designing/decorating stage and would like a change of plans from the usual painting-on-the-wall, consider handwoven panels, throws, or curtains.

Steps. . .

  1. Choose from a range of colored yarns.
  2. Check the woven sample within your chosenspace.
  3. Full-size panels delivered ready to hang.

Colors move from a dominant
area to a lighter change in hue.

A wide range of blended
shading gives depth.

Fabrics carry the mood of the room. Imagine . . .
*Restful, softly colored, quiet. . .
*Whimsical, cottagy, bright. . .
*Light & translucent, blowing ...
                                       *Decorous, defining...
(Vermeer's Girl Reading a Letter)    (Van Gogh's Room in Arles)        (Monticello studio)               (DaVinci's Last Supper)  

For more information
on designing and ordering
handwoven panels in
natural fibers,
contact me as below.
Panels may range from 12 -60 inches
wide and are priced by
square footage ($20-35/sq.ft; warp paintings: $55/sq.ft.).

PSJ Law, lobby
Pt. St. Joe,

   Studio Porch
   Monticello, FL

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Warp Paintings
When the loom is warped with verticle yarns stretched taut, but before the weft is woven across, drawings or logos or scenes can be painted on the yarn. When the weft is laid in, the image shows through,resulting in a slightly diffused design. A good alternative to tapestry.

"Floral Tree"      
      "Shed Tree"        

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