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Handwoven Wearables

Color & Style
Natural Fibers
Classic, "loom-shaped" Styles

  Featured Items:         Throws & Shawls
Wraps & Cocoons       Tops & Vests
Leno-Lace Imagery      Scarves  Jackets
Triangle Weaves
Ready For You Now

Creatively designed weavings
in natural fibers
~   good feel, good wear, good looks  ~

*Choli Blouses
*Patch T-Tops


Special Wraps:
* Lace & Seashawls




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"... it is the most beautiful outfit I own. Every time I wear it, I receive compliments. .Thanks for being such a great weaver. I plan on buying more outfits that you've made."

Patch T-Tops                 
"...Like wearing a hug."

Rainbow Shawls/Throws 


Lace Imagery

Rainbow Shawls/Throws
"My shawl arrived safely today. It is more beautiful than I could have imagained. And, it is "just right" cozy on me. I'll treasure it. Thank you."

TriangleThrows & Scarves

Straight & Infinity Scarves



"...arrived this afternoon and I can not express my complete pleasure with it. Your handiwork is exquisite... "

Why are they unique?

~ Each weaving is a one-of-a-kind blend of colors and textures.


~ Each fabric may include dozens of
yarn textures,& color blends,
each piece unduplicated


Colors are of varied shades for added depth and interest.

* Many weavers will put their variety of colors and yarns in the warp, then use 1 or 2 yarns only in the warp. Much faster and easier for them. However, I've used 10-20 different shades and textures in both warp and weft.

* These yarns are fingerpicked on the loom, one at a time. There are NONE like them in stores.

* Varied shades give depth to the color and appeal to the fabric.
     * "Sky" colors may include: lt.blues, aqua, stone-washed indigo, & violet.
     * "Sea" colors may show teal, greens, indigo, purple.
     * "Floral" colors may blend salmon, rose, lemon, or deep wine and crimson.
Safari" - khaki, lt. greys, taupes.

     Natural Fibers: from "heritage" plants - cotton, linen (flax), & woolly animals -rabbits, sheep, alpaca, camel, angora goats, etc., & silk.

* I use predominantly cotton, but may include blends (linen, tencil, rayon).

* I also like texture: nubs & slubs, curly boucles, flakes, and a li'l sparkle.

* Wools may be used on throws, cocoons, pillows, or scarves. Courtesy of my sheep, they are handspun and dyed, then woven into fluffy textures. My Shetland crosses are known for having soft, fine wool.

* All weavings are lightweight and breatheable for changeable climates.


Loomshaped Styles (traditional tops, wraps, throws) have been passed down throughout indigenous cultures since time began. Traditionally, since looms were small, they were formed by combining a series of squares and rectangles. These geometric "loom-shaped" (more info) patterns are comfortable on a variety of individuals. Of course, contemporary yarns add flavor and visual appeal.

 the Styles, as pictured above, are:

* simple Shell Top (cap sleeves, round or      v-neck),
*Choli Blouse (dolman sleeves, boat neck)
* T-Top (t-shirt, long or short sleeves)
*Cocoon (full wrap with sleeves & fringed
     collar) Shruggies are a smaller wrap.
* Shawl (26"x6') or Throw (3'x5' or      4'x6')
*Quexquemetl (poncho with diagonal      fringes).

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Surface Texture gives creative, visual interest.   

* Pattern weaves give added surface texture, such as a brocade;

* Leno weaves give open lacework at edges, or within the fabric. A row of leno lace is included as a signature on most of my weavings.    Sometimes lace weave is used to define an image, as in the seashawls. Seashawls depict a whelk, wentletrap, angelfish, dolphin, or seahorse, a leaf, rose, magnolia, bird, etc.

     Leno-Lace, woven on the loom, selects warp yarns to be twisted before the weft yarn is passed through. This prevents the beater from packing the yarns tightly together and allows a more open weave.

    The QQ wrap at left has a row of leno lace along the edges, plus the image of a seahorse on the shoulder.


Purchase Considerations...
One-of-a-kind wearables are not a click-and-buy kind of purchase.
You may commission any style seen on these pages, or find one ready-to-go on the Ready page.
For further notes on care, shipping, refunds, refer to the Policies page.
Contact me: I'm pleased to weave a custom garment as per your interests.
For good fit, color preference, style and use, consider the following:

Your Choices:
Sizes are generally S, M, L, and may vary an inch or so.
       * Sized pieces, such as blouses, are measured around the widest dimension, and length is generally from shoulder to just below hip.
     * Cocoons are more flexible, usually worn as a large wrap with overlapping collar, with length generally to lower thigh. Larger people have worn short cocoons as a shruggie or jacket, and smaller people have worn large cocoons as a longer coat.
      * Unsized pieces: throws, shawls, scarves, or quetzquemetls (ponchos). These are not fit to a person, but do have a traditional size.
            * Throws are 3'x 5' or 4'x 6'.
            * Shawls are about 2' x 6'.
            * Scarves may be about 4" x 4'. Loop or infinity scarves are longer.
            * Triangle shawls are just short of 7 ft. across the top.
            * Triangle scarves are about 50 inches across the top.

Loom-Shaped styles (all listed above) are pre-set on the loom and designed so that the ratio of width to length is determined by the style. To specifiy extra width or length, communication is essential.

Extra touches:
may have a row of leno lace on warp ends
     * Sleeve edges may be: hemmed, lace row, or knit/ribbed.
     * Necklines may be hemmed or knit/ribbed. Neck shapes: round, soft vee, boat.
     * Waist edges may be knit/ribbed, or hemmed -usually with a 3-4 inch slit on side seams.

Choosing your colors: Choose whatever colors you like, but choose one to be dominant. Imagine someone seeing you approach from 50 - 75 feet away. All the detail in your garment would not be visible, but one overall color would stand out. Which do you want it to be? Example: you may see a medium blue, but individual threads may include: royal, periwinkle, tanzanite, cornflower, azure, slate, etc. Or nuetrals: khaki, stone, lt. gray, taupe, ecru.
      *Regarding dyes: Many of my yarns are special novelties or textures and only come in "natural", requiring colors to be dyed. I will naturally mix a few shades in any piece, however, if you request a specific shade, that requires much more time in dyeing and overdyeing to match your shade. For specific shades, a dyeing fee = $25.
     * If you have a color swatch you like, I will find shades to "go with".

Fiber: Most 4-harness weaving is with cotton or cotton blends. Triangle weaving (a hand loom) allows fatter yarns and textures, even beads. In the triangles are: blends of cotton, wools, acrylics, rayon, plus some handspun wool from my sheep.

Care: Handweavings of natural fibers can be hand-washed and hung or laid to dry. Except for more delicate lacework, they might also be washed in the washer on a "wool" or "delicate" cycle - ie, no hot temperatures, no agitation. And no dryers! When dry, stretch gently and iron to retain shape. Comb out fringes.

To ORDER: Copy the form in an email, and click on the links above for your style of choice and contact me with your interests. Time required is approximately 6 - 8 weeks, pre-paid or half deposit, and will be shipped USPS, insured. Payments are by check, credit card by phone, or Paypal. With your request you will receive a written statement/receipt and sample yarns for the colors requested. See further care, shipping and terms on the policies page.
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