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Posted: Summer '18

Shawls,   Cocoons, Shruggies,  Wraps, Capes,
Panels,   Scarves, Tops,
Triangle Throws,

& Sachets
Weaves By Cappa-booth


  Most of the items on this website
come and go with the shows and are exhibited here for examples only.
However, this page shows items currently on hand.
If you've recently seen me at a show and gone away thinking, " OH, I shoulda....coulda....woulda...", then this is the page where you will find those weavings. I'm always glad to hear from you via
Email me regarding your request. My response should be within a day or two, unless I'm on the road.

For other style & color ideas, see gallery pages. I can accept
 MC/Visa by phone, or Paypal. Please refer to further info on ordering below.

WeavesByCappa: FloralShawls
A selection of shawls, including a set of "Floral Shawls" with dyed and leno-lace imagery. See more below.





  Infinity Circles,
  & straight


  Tri-Throws & Scarves



SHAWLs. . .
Colors usually available are naturals, white & black. Blues include a range of medium sky blues, periwinkle, royal & navy. Ask about other shades. $82 - $88

WeavesByCappa: Shawls-blue & white

Weaves By Cappa: Shawls

Weaves By Cappa: Rainbow  ShawlsAt this time the shawls available -are bright whites and naturals, blues, and pastel blends. All are 26"x78" and 100% cotton nub & flake yarns with a little sparkle that catches the sun. Edges have a row of open leno-lace and are fringed.
    Use these large rectangles over a sofa, table, window, or you. See "Panels" for more ideas. $78- $98.

At left, 2 blue shawls. One is more violet/blue and one is more medium with slight maroon accents. Each have leno-lace edges.

WeavesByCappa: Shawl with Ribbons

At left, textured shawl in cottons, with overal naturals, gold sparkle, and ribbons. Color accents: melon, salmon, pink, amber, yellow, and slight aqua.
26" x 78", $90

This shawl may pair with the shell top of the same colors below.

More shawl ideas?
See shawl gallery page.

At right, detail of Floral Shawls. Two shawls with similar colors and garden imagery can be taken as a set, $375, or alone at $210. Weaves By Cappa: Floral Shawl

The "Go-To" shirt... Handwoven cotton tops are loose, comfortably ready for any occasion. Dress them up, dress them down, they complement other natural fiber (silk, wool, linen) skirts, jackets, or jeans.

Gallery of Top ideas.



~ T-TOPS ~
Weaves By Cappa: 3 T-Tops
Many options available in necklines, sleeve lengths, and the hemmed waists have open slits.

Above left, browns/purples/beiges ML-Top, a patchwork of varied weaves and shades. Neck and sleeves are ribbed.
Center, nuetrals with slight color accents, round neck, and sleeve has leno-lace edging.
Right, basic style with hemmed neck, sleeves, & slitted waist. Neckline is modified vee. These are samples only; specific colors & options to be commissioned.

Weaves By Cappa:: T-Tops
Weaves By Cappa: T-Tops

Above, available T-Tops...

general sizes:
width x length (torso + shoulder):
   S - 24 x 27
   M - 26 x 28
   L - 28 x 28

Two T-Tops with varied shading:

* Upper, denim blues, with slit sides, and rounded v-neck. Size M, 100% cotton with a little sparkle. $150

* Lower, blues w/pastel shading of aqua, violet, natural. Slit sides and wide round neck and 3/4 sleeves. Size M+, 100% cotton. $155

*At left, naturals with pastels in aqua, violet, blues. Slit sides, wide, round neck, lace 3/4 sleeves. Size L,  $155


Shell tops have cap sleeves, slit sides, and a variety of necklines: small round, wide round, or rounded vee.All in nubby cottons, cool and breatheable in hot weather, or as an extra layer under autumn jackets.

  Weaves By Cappa: shell tops 

Two shells above, left, in denim blues and taupes, and
the other in naturals with melon and aqua pastels. Both size M, slit sides, and rounded necks. 100% cottons. $138
Above right, (modeled by Leonardo's "Female Face") this shell has unique features
of fold-over fringy collar, and applique.

general sizes, width x length:    S - 24 x 27
                                           M - 26 x 28
                                L - 28 x 29

WeavesByCappa: Shell detail
Shell Top, detail of top at left, with cap sleeves, nubby beigey texture, and slit sides.
100% cotton, size S+. $145

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Wraps: Cocoons & Shruggies, Quexquemetl Ponchos, Capes, & QQ Ruanas

Weaves By Cappa: Shruggie 4 similar styles,
w/2 currently on hand:

Shruggie Cocoons:   Shruggies are different proportions than full size cocoons. Smaller, shorter without a heavier drape of fabric in back, but wider to cover arms. Made with 100% cotton nub & flake yarns. Some may also include glossy rayon, and sparkle or ribbon.
This style is open in front with lapels and sleeves.
General length is to hip and sleeves are at elbows. They are meant to be worn loose and casual, a more economical, lighter wrap with shorter fringe. Sizes are flexible and a "S" would be loose on a petite person, and fit more like a sweater on a larger person. "M" would be much looser all around. ("L" customized. All measurements exclude fringe.)

Below: Shruggie Cocoon in creams, pale beige and cocoa, with strands of pastel aqua, violet, and peach on the textured border and collar. Size S. $140. Edges have open Leno-Lace and are fringed.
Weaves By Cappa: Shruggie

See gallery pages for wraps in various
sizes and styles.

Weaves By Cappa: handwoven Cape
Capes : lightweight white cotton, seamed at one shoulder.
Weaves By Cappa: handwoven Cape
Rows of leno-lace and added sparkle.
handwoven cape, beige & purple
Lace and textured purple fibers give accent.
This new style can be shifted from side to side, or with fringe pointed down. Versatile and light.
These are cotton or cotton blends, size M, $78.

are easy, slip-on wraps.An overhead poncho style in a diamond shape that is more graceful than a square. All are nubby cottons with leno-lace edging and fringe.

Weaves By Cappa: Quetzquemetl
At left, a "QQ", or Quexquemetl, has soft warm beige tones with coral and melon accents and gold sparkle. 100 % cotton, Size M, $150

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Panels   WeavesByCappa: Door Panels.
           "Whelk Panel"
 Think outside the box, or rectangle, for weavings can be draped so many ways - on sofas, windows, tables, doorways, or you. As a home accessory, they texturize and color a room. Then pick it up and wear it. Made with 100% cotton nub & flake yarns. May also include glossy rayon, raw silk or linen, sparkle or beads, and Leno-Lace imagery. Most have Leno-Lace edges, with fringe. Surface is predominantly tabby pattern (basic weave) but may include additional textured patterns. Some may be hemmed for a rod.


WeavesByCappa: Panel -Blue Branch
Blue Branch Panel.
Periwinkle blues with subtle warp dyes of violet and green. Surface applique and pattern weaves. Top is hemmed for a rod.As with the Whelk Panel, they become almost translucent when hung in the light. Think coral or tree branches. Cottons, 26"x78", $175.

Choose a customized image for your shawl.
For more on lace-image shawls, see Throws-Seashawls. For home accessories, see Panels.

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Handwoven Sachets

Sachets are woven in various colored cottons in a shape much like a 4-cornered hat. Inside is a pad of raw wool, which I've sprayed with scent. To rejuvenate , just add your own scented oil or perfume, or replace with a pouch of potpourri.

Woven sachets make colorful Christmas ornaments. After the season, use in closets or drawers, or hang on your door for a pleasant scent when passing through.
      Check back during the holiday season.

WeavesByCappa: Sachets

Triangle WeavingWeavesByCappa: Tri-Scarf

Tri-Weaves are finger-picked on various-sized frame looms, incorporating some of the techniques I use on the harness loom, such as the open leno-lace. Smaller frames (4 ft.) give smaller scarves (see scarf pics below) or larger frames (7 ft.) give Shawls/Throws. Similar to a giant potholder, this technique allows a mix of shades, beads, ribbons, rovings, bulky textures and various fibers,including some handspun wool from my sheep. They are vibrant, textured accents around neck or waist.
* As scarves, sample shown is a triangle, approx. 48" at widest edge.  
* As throws, they are sumptuous fuzzy body covers, about 6.5 ft. at widest edge.

At right: Blue and magenta Tri-Shawl, or Throw, was woven with varied colors and fibers, that warmly covers with soft, textured yarns. $185

See gallery of Tri-Weaves.
Also, workshops are offered in this fun technique...


(Learn more about Tri-Weave.)

WeavesByCappa: Tri-Throw   WeavesByCappa: Tri-Throw, back

Neither experience nor loom is required for workshops.


Above scarves are knit, rather than woven, a mix of varied textures and yarn. They are smaller neck warmers.
$28 ea.
Weaves By Cappa: Tri-Scarf
Woven, Triangle Scarf
45" at top edge, made with varied textures and fibers. $68

Left, blacks, greys, nuetrals with some color, this scarf includes beads and ribbon. $78

Above, multi combos of fibers, ribbon, & beads. $78

More combos of fibers, ribbons, and leno-lace weave. $70


Circle & Flat Scarves:
Some call the circles "infinity" scarves; they seem to go on and on. Blends of natural fibers and textured novelties, these may also include beads, buttons, ribbons, fringes or trims.
   Circles are approximately 6 ft. long, joined at end points to make a large circle that can be looped 'round and 'round. Or unlace the ends for a standard, straight scarf. See wearable options below.
   Light-weight, wildly textured novelty yarns or smoother cottons. - Ask about school colors!

Three Scarf Styles:

  • longer, 5-6 ft.circle or loop scarves,
       - textured novelty yarns or smooth/nubs- $48
  • shorter, 4 ft.straight & smooth,
         or textured novelties- $38
  • Triangles, with multi-textured colors and fringes

    Weaves By Cappa: 3 scarves
    3 straight scarves:
    pinks - smooth cottons,
    multi-pastels - textured cotton/blends,
    blues - smooth cottons, w/a row of lace down center
    $38 ea.

Weaves By Cappa: Yellow Loop Scarf      Weaves By Cappa: Red/Blue Loop Scarf

2 loop scarves:
* yellows, smooth cottons,
*red & navy, textured, fringy blends.
$48 ea.

See gallery of scarves.


Circle Scarves
~ 4 ways to wear a scarf...Weaves By Cappa: Scarf display
Straight - a great accent with stand-up collars.

Weaves By Cappa: Scarf Options
Wear circle scarves wrapped 'round & round your neck, or to pull one end through the loop, or with 2 loose ends braided.




WeavesByCappa: Scarf, tie detail

Above: Details of laces
that can be untied.

My circle scarves have removeable ties. Unlaced, wear them loose and straight, or wrapped 'round and 'round.

See gallery of scarves.


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See also postings on Facebook or Blog for photos of items and events.

Any item on this "Ready Page" is currently available. Please see further details on payment, shipping, and care. I can accept payment by MC/Visa by phone, or by PayPal. However, contact me first for a more detailed description. For commissioning other colors, sizes, or styles, see ordering info. For sized tops, to better judge what's needed, lay out one of your own items of similar style, stretch flat and measure. Color blends may be unique. Please refer to more info on color here. It's always good to work with you creating a custom order and refreshing for me to try more variety. Email  me your ideas and we'll go from there. For custom orders, I will send you confirmation, sample yarns, and options.

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