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My fav shows & workshops:

Summers, ongoing
ongoing: Dyed 'N Wool Activities for Kids
Come visit the sheep, see the fiber process from start to finish, try your hand at dyeing, or weaving, or paper-making or fashioning a grapevine dream-catcher. For after-schools, camp field trips, or private parties. See more at my Dyed 'N Wool pages, or Tally 4 Kids.

Note: See various demos and activities from the
Farm Tour
( Every 2nd Weekend in October )
Pack your coolers, field shoes, and sunhats for a tour of farms in Leon and surrounding counties. See animals, organic processing, gardens, heritage crafts and more. Take a hay wagon ride, collect fresh meats, eggs, & dairy. Find details in the annual catalogue, provided around town and at Millstone Institute for Preservation on FB. /

( Every 1st full Weekend in November )

November 5-7, 2021
Historic Seville Square, Pensacola: 9am - dusk.
Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival

A national "showcase" show, The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, one of the best in the nation, celebrates a wide range of arts from music and performing arts, to regional & culinary arts, and best of all, to craft and visual arts. The Heritage Area especially honors those practices passed down through our culture, all in a notable setting of another historical art - architecture.
After 37 years of participation,I'm still awed by its effect on the many visitors who come and support the artists every year. Look for me on corner of Zaragossa St. & Seville Square, surrounded by other weavers & spinners, potters, woodworkers, jewelers, glassworkers, and more.
Re: Covid considerations, there is extra space between booths, sanitizing stations , and patrons are asked to wear masks. A few activities (children's, international artist invitation, etc,) are postponed 'til next year. However, the park is full and the Heritage section is ongoing with demonstrators.
At the previous GGAF show,
I won an award and became part of a succession of artists who are "passing the torch". The winner creates something for the next winner. The shawl in the pics is my contribution. It is "modeled" by one of my fav paintings, Wm. Holman Hunt's Lady of Shalott.
See more on lace imagery. ~ Find me at the corner of Zaragossa St. ~
Look for the spinning wheel and mounds of wool. I'll be spinning all weekend.

Holiday Exhibits
December - all month

* Jefferson Arts
Washington St., Monticello

* * * * *

    ... find my work at:

Exhibits change with the season, but contacts available at
Jefferson Arts
575 Washington St., Monticello, FL

     Anecdotes & photos from the shows : (in process)
   (see also workshops, below)

Great Gulfcoast Festival,
Inman Park & Decatur, Atlanta
ArtsQuest, SanDestin
Panama City Spring Arts
Florida Folk Festival, White Springs
Spring Arts, Fairhope


      Various fiberart demos and workshops for adults or kids are available in Spinning/Weaving, Paper-Making, Natural Dyes, and crayon-batik. Many of these experiences are also available thru Artist-In-Education programs for public or private schools or disabilities programs, and may be funded thru local arts agencies. Dyed 'N Wool Art offers workshops for kids, birthdays, and summer camps and Just For Schools, activities for the classroom.

Summer "Dyed 'N Wool" Art Activities include activities for groups or as a field trip for your camp. For primary thru middle school ages, small groups visit the sheep, see demos, and/or make individual projects. If field trips are not an option, I can bring all equipment, and maybe a lamb or two, to you. These activities are also great for birthday parties. See descriptions, photos, & much more on the kids pages: Dyed 'N Wool, or Just for Schools . Contact me for more info by email, or phone 850-997-5505.

~ Accepting presentations or field trips for Spring/Summer 2018 schedule ~
~We (Ivy, the lamb & I) have recently visited Somerset Elementary school in Jefferson Co, Taylor Co. Pre-K & Elementary school, and School of Arts & Sciences, Tallahassee. See Facebook pages for photos. ~

     Artist In Education demo/workshops are available for P-K, special needs classes, After-Schools, Home schools, & Leon, Gadsden & Thomas County Schools, and in surrounding areas. Varied dates and locations. If interested in a visit, see Presentations page for sample demos.

Contact me for info on coming to your school, organization, or event, or for holding a workshop at my studio.


The triangle frame offers a great way to weave LOTS of texture & color into a simple wrap in just a few hours. A unique process for beginning or experienced "yarn people", it weaves from two opposing corners at the same time.Use those colorful,glitzy, textured novelty yarns and also recycle leftover yarns from other projects to make a full-size shawl, scarf, throws, totes, curtains, etc. Optional frame provided (yours to keep), or DIY. We will learn 3 techniques, which you will continue at your own pace at home.
   Visit the sheep, and come weave at my "farmette", 291 Green Meadows Dr., Monticello. $70, +-frame: $25, through Visa/Mc (by phone), check, or Paypal. Pre-handout and map sent on registration.
        Call for details, 850-997-5505.or
email me.
    See more info and many samples of projects & workshops: Classes. Ask for one in your area. See finished items at Triangle Weaves page.

    A fun process that yields wonderfully textured papers, to be used for cards, mats, bookmarks, photo or painting backgrounds, bookmaking, scrapbooking, or journaling. Or mold it into 3-D forms: boxes, planters, etc.
     We will make simple frames with embroidery hoops & screening, grind a mix of pulp from colorful junkmail and abaca fibers (for strength), and embellish with other fibers, petals, yarns, glitter, etc. See samples.

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Workshop Notes. . .
Anecdotes & photos from the classes, students, and varied areas. (in process). (See also show notes above.)

PaperMaking Brookwood HS, Thomasville; Jefferson Arts, Monticello;   LeMoyne Art Center, PaperMaking - P-K, Arts in  Education,    
SPINNING/WEAVING - Schools, Camps, Events
- Riley House
Spinning/Weaving - CRC Expo- TCC
Spinning/Weaving-Pepper Center,FSU
Weaving - Dixie Plantation
Tri-Weaving, adults - Atlanta; Ft. Walton; LeMoyne Art Center; my studio, Monticello; New Smyrna Beach; Panama City; St.Augustine,Old Village; White Spring; Weaving - ARC Center, Madison
Marbleing-Thomasville Cultural Center





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