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Photos from the Workshops:
* Atlanta, GA - Tri-Weave
*Destin, FL - TriWeave
*Madison,ARC, FL -Fiberarts
* Milton, FL -TriWeave
*Monticello, FL -TriWeave
*Pensacola, FL - TriWeave
* New Smyrna Bch,FL -TriWeave
* Panama City,FL -TriWeave
* St. Augustine, FL -TriWeave
* Tallahassee, FL -Weave
* Tallahassee, FL -PaperMaking
* White Springs, FL - Tri-Weave
*School/Kids Demos

"The cool thing about the workshops... is that they create community. A gaggle of creative minds in one place is a powerful [incentive].
   ~ Alyson Stanfield, ArtBizCoach http://www.artbizcoach.com


Pensacola, FL
February, 2011

For this
workshop, some pre-made frames were provided, which left more time for weaving. Still a little preparation, though, so we spread out on the porch.

We met at a private home in a wonderful, old historic house with a huge, wide porch.


Lots of cubby spaces to spread our looms.

It helps to have beaufiful weather, and even in February, the warmth and lighting on the porch were perfect.
For this group, besides the option of a pre-built frame, weavers chose either the large shawl size, or the smaller scarf size.
Tri-Weave Workshop Group
Today we are weavers!
By the end of the day, we'd practiced on 3 weave techniques and gotten a good start on our shawls and scarves.

Milton, FL,
Dragonfly Gallery,
March '07

One of the first and largest groups, we made full-size shawl frames from scratch.

Starting out...

Here are Lois,[ me,] Helen,& Loyal, who contributed most of the photos for the Milton group. Thanks for a great workshop!

There were so many great
shots that I made composites to better show the activity. Here we're building frames on the back porch of the gallery.
Pounding....pounding.... p.o.u.n.d.i.n.g...

Pensive moments

Yea, finished! Now to weave.



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Monticello, Fl,
My Studio, December '09

Several in this group opted to do the smaller, scarf-size frames. Much faster to finish.

Monticello, FL
My studio,
February, '06

Dogs are curious too.
A dry, clear, warm winter day... we did the frames outside,then broke for lunch on the porch.

Any place to lean
the frame will work.