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Weaves By Alice Cappa

Handwoven Garments

& Cocoons

*Check back for featured items, rotating periodically.

*To Order: Contact me for where to see my latest, or customizing one of your own.

Featured Items:    Wraps & Cocoons
Throws & SeaShawls . Shawls & Rainbows Tops . Scarves
.Triangle Weaving Leno-Lace Imagery . Jackets

About Wearables

Handwoven Shruggie

Shruggie with leno lace
& patterned borders.

Rainbowed Dyed Shawls
Shawls of
rainbow-dyed warps

"Heart Cocoon"


* Cocoons - wraps with sleeves, a collar, and fringed edges. (above)
* Shruggies - smaller cocoons, light-weight, shorter sleeved & shorter lengths.
*Quexquemetls (QQ's) are the original ponchos, an over-the-head cover with diagonal seam & fringed edges.
*QQRuanas - my combo of the quexquemetl & the ruana (long, boxy cape). These are diamond- shaped and much more stylish.
*Capes - a lighter-weight coverup that is similar to a shawl, but drapes like a QQ . A seam at the shoulder keeps it on and allows movement from side to side.

Many styles, besides shawls, have been passed down from the days of small looms & rectangular ponchos. Pieces are "loom-shaped", ie - sized to fit together just right, with no cutting or unraveling.
Handwoven styles are great to dress up or dress down.
Quexquemetl, QQ Ruana, Shawl
Quexquemetl, QQ Ruana, & Shawl



Full-cover, sleeves, collar, & a large pattern border.
Wearing a cocoon is like
"getting a hug."


Shorter, lighter cover, 3/4 sleeves, collar, & pattern border. Great coverups for summer AC.


Over-the-head light-weight wrap, adjustable side to side, which may hang as a diamond shape, or rectangle.

Quezquemetl ("QQ")

Over-the-head "poncho", but seamed together as a diamond-shape.


Long flowing panels in front can be thrown over shoulders, or pinned together.

back view

Angular seam in back gives the option of the front panels hanging in a diamond shape.
Special detail: Leno-lace Seahorse.

Collars, Borders, & Special touches...
For additional imagery- seashells, leaves,
flowers, etc. of woven lace or pattern weave ...


see Leno Lace Imagery

Patchwork Shruggie includes patches of different weaves & shades. Also includes leno-lace borders, fringes, & applique pieces.

Cocoon is full-size, showing collar/lapel & leno-lace borders.

Capes will have one dominant side as the front, either with added color, texture, or lace weave. Or all three.

QQ poncho with emerald pattern border, leno-lace, fringe, & applique piece at neck.

These shawls give shifting shades in rainbow dyed warp & weft (cross yarns) & incudes a decorative, furry accent yarn.

Patchwork QQ- Ruana, with Leno-Lace & embroidered Seashells. See detail below.

"Heart Cocoon"
shows pattern weave & leno-lace borders.

Extra wide border pattern contrasts with body of cocoon.

Quexquemetl with applique border.

Detail of cocoon collar with leno-lace & thick, nubby yarns.
To Order, contact me with the following: * 1. size: * 2a. primary color: * 2b. secondary colors: * 3. style.
4. Choose cottons in a plain surface, or...
* 5. embellishments: beaded, leno-lace rows, patterned rows, extra color.
Custom-made just for you, let me know your ideas and preferences.
For pieces already on hand, see the Ready page.
More info to help you decide: Color ~ Style ~ Fiber
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