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      Patch Jacket with mixed lining & inside pocket. 


     Renoir's lunch cafe offers the perfect scene to relax and wear a handwoven PatchJacket. This one is full of colors, woven patterns, lined with a fanciful cotton print, and even has an inside pocket for hiding keys, cards, or coins. PatchJackets are unique, as the selection of weavings will always change, and so they are offered as commissioned pieces, customized to your colors and specifications. Hanging on a hanger really doesn't do it justice; it's very comfortable and made entirely of natural fibers.

Raphael's Grace wears a floral-lined PatchJacket. Picasso's Mother & Child shows a monochromatic  PatchJacket.
Raphael's Grace wears a floral-lined PatchJacket and Picasso's Mother and Child shows a jacket with a more monochromatic color scheme.
Whether multi-colors and patterns, or more uniform, these are all are made of comfortable cottons. PatchJackets have 3/4 raglan-type sleeves with cuff, and close with a fabric frog, or one or two buttons or metal clasps.

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~ Filigree metal



~ Fabric frog
~  One or two

~ Inside pocket

My work is carried by galleries or boutiques listed on "Resource" and "Calendar" pages. A limited selection of various styles is available, however, if you would like a custom piece, sizes, colors,& styles are readily woven to your specifications. If you have a color swatch for matching, I will find shades to "go with".
order page in process; meanwhile: ) click on the links above for your style of choice and contact me with your interests. 1. item/style, 2. color, 3. Size: s, m, l.  Most weavings center on one predominant color with several alternate shades of the same color (or another) mixed in. However Patch Jackets will have mixed weavings in a harmonious color scheme. Time required is approximately 8+ weeks, depending on availability of colors desired. Orders are pre-paid or half deposit, and will be shipped UPS or USPS, insured. With your request you will receive a written invoice/receipt, flyer, & sample yarns for the colors & textures requested.