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Weaving & Spinning ~ Paper Making
Vegie Dyes ~ Dye Transfers:
Demos for your class      

Cross Creek Elementary
 Fiberarts offer a wide variety of processes that help make other curriculum subjects come alive.Relate to:
Social & Cultural Practices
Historical Traditions
Literature - folklore, fairytales
the Arts, both functional and decorative.
Mathmatical measuring and spatial planning
Science - Dye Formulas
Simple Pulley/Gear/Lever mechanisms

Tri-Loom weaving with Killearn Kids

     My fiberart demos or projects cover basic skill-buildingfor the Sunshine State Standards, providing an attractive experience that encourages sensory perception: color, scent, shape, visual and tactile texture. The projects may be group or indiviudal, hands-on design.
     They also expose students to a working artist and a craft they might never see within their own neighborhoods. A demonstration in one or more of these processes is a valuable opportunity for classes, adaptable from P-K through highschool.

During the school year, I can come to you, bringing all equipment for spinning, weaving on a 4-harness loom, possibly frame looms, samples, raw fleeces, and slides of the sheep and fibers.
     Students see, touch, smell, and with time allowing, may try the looms.

For other demos, such as paper-making, or experimenting with natural dyes, students may collaborate on a group project.

Additional, individual projects are available if time and materials allow. See below....

Weaving& spinning demos at Woodville Elementary.

Please see Dyed 'N Wool pages for additional details on these projects. Besides the demos, many of the same
activities can be done within school classrooms, or rotating assemblies. I encourage more creative activities in the schools and so my Presentations, at a reduced rate of $75/hour,(or $300/day), are available for
a single class,
or an entire grade level. Other time periods negotiable.
Contact me by email or phone : Alice Cappa, 850.997.5505, and let's discuss possibilities.

      Monticello ARC         Garrison-Pilcher Elementary            Madison ARC              Gadsden County 

Epiphany Luthern:
dyes in the kitchen
& demos in assembly

PineView P-K: Paper-Making    
Appalachee -Whole grade assembly  

Thomasville High School - Weaving

My years of demos and workshop experience in the schools cover several artist residencies in
five surrounding counties of Tallahassee, Florida.

  • VIS workshops with P-K, and adults with disabilities (Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden, & Madison counties)
  • Artist-In-Education programs
    with school districts and Cultural Centers: Jefferson, Gadsden, & Thomas (GA) counties
  • contracted vendor, Leon County Schools
  • working artist, active in galleries & juried shows
  • background: BS & MS, Art Education;  AS, Graphic Design & Multimedia

Add an activity to the demos....

Spinning/Weaving is especially varied, including the complete process of spinning natural fibers on a spinning wheel, to weaving on the loom, to displaying finished items, and also includes a short slide presentation of sheep and processing wool. All equipment provided. (Photos from the classes)

Paper-Making starts with a fiber, or pulp made from recycled papers and natural materials such as grasses, seeds, petals. The process covers making pulp, screening sheets of paper onto a felt surface, embellishing with colors & textures into a group collage design.
(Photos from the classes)

Brookwood Paper-Making, Thomasville

We also use scents such as spices or flowers, raw fibers of cotton or wool, and finished trims, ribbons, yarns, and glitter. Finished collages can be displayed as a group piece, or cut into individual bookmarks or other momentos.

A wealth of media helps to illustrate the Spinning/Weaving process and can include stories, videos, slide presentations of the shearing process, the loom, wheel, & dye processes. A simple hands-on exercise to go along with this is a spinning contest - from one cotton ball.
Great for large groups). (Photos from the classes)

Dye crayons that are heat-transfered to fabric provide permanent color, which adheres through wear and wash, and can be used in a multitude of ways: club or individual logos, tote, tennies, or T-shirt design, pagent designs, etc. This presentation would be best as a lead-in to a hands-on, class activity.

(Photos from the classes)

Vegetable Dyes introduce the world of natural color from plants, trees, nut hulls, vegetables,
and minerals from the ground. This presentation heats dye material on a hotplate (kitchen stove, or outside grill) for dyeing 1-2 colors of yarns. Several samples of natural materials, mineral mordants, and dyed yarns are included. A fun lead-in to this is a Treasure Hunt, to forage for natural materials, either from home, or around the school.
(Photos from the classes)

Vegie-dyed wools, braided w/beads
into an armband

Tie-dyed with various dyes.

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