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the Workshops

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These photos are from several "playshops" ranging from school P-K to middle school classes, to adult classes, to ARC groups with disabilities, and Daycamps or Fieldtrips.

Photos from the Workshops:
*Milton, FL -TriWeave
*Monticello, FL -TriWeave
*St. Augustine, FL -TriWeave
*Tallahassee, FL -Weave
*Tallahassee & White Springs,FL-PaperMaking
*Madison,ARC, FL -Fiberarts
*Atlanta, GA - TriWeave

           * School/Kids
Apalachee Elem - Weaving
Brookwood Middle & High -PaperMaking
Cross Creek Elem. - Weaving
Ft. Braden PK - Weaving
Gadsden Elem. - Weaving
-Woodville 4th Grade -Spin/Weave
- Garrison-Pilcher Elem. - Weaving
- MacIntyre Middle -Weaving
-Madison & Monticello ARC - Fiberarts
-Nims & Swift Creek Middle -TriWeaving
-PineView & Sullivan P-K -PaperMaking Thomasville High - Weaving
*Day Camps:
KinderSchool - Weaving Field Trip
Unitarian Harmony - Weaving/Dyes
Epiphany Lutheran - Lamb/ Weaving/Dyes
Jefferson Arts - PaperMaking

Creating with handmade paper is a colorful, fun way to recycle pretty wrapping papers, textured wallpapers,
children’s sketches, and old photographs. Integrate these with nature’s textures such as leaves, petals, seeds, spices,
feathers, and the natural fibers of cotton, linen, or wool.


The Process Of Paper-Making,
adaptable for
all ages, schools, or camps.




Handmade paper can be used for photo mats, journal entries, book covers, scrapbooking, giftwrap, or collages.
A valuable type of collage is a "Vision Board", or "Treasure Map",
which incorporates photos, drawings, and words of one's goals. See more.

Pulp is churned in blenders,
then poured into tubs.
Screens, rectangles, hoops, or irregular shapes, are dipped into tubs and pulp is then "couched" onto a flat surface...    

This is the time to add embellishments:
natural fibers, petals, spices, photos...

Papers in the background are being dried on the glass doors.

This one was attacked by the Glitter Monster.
   P-K divides into groups, each following a step of the process. Classes make one large collage, which after drying, is cut into individual mementos.  

This group used the paper experience to make Treasure Maps. Individual collages incorporated photos of objects or places they wanted to bring into their lives. It also blended in objects & textures of nature: leaves, petals, grasses, etc.

It's a great project for a grand-parent or parent and child team. When dry, pathways, or footsteps are drawn between the "clues". More photos and embellishments (glitter, ribbon, flat objects) can be added as the map evolves.

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