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These photos are from several "playshops" ranging from school
P-K to middle school classes, to adult classes, to ARC groups with disabilities, and Daycamps or Fieldtrips.

Photos from the Workshops, Adults:
* Milton, FL -TriWeave
   * Monticello, FL -TriWeave
   *St. Augustine, FL -TriWeave
   *Tallahassee, FL -Weave
   *Tallahassee & White Springs,FL-PaperMaking
   *Madison,ARC, FL -Fiberarts
   * Atlanta, GA - TriWeave

           * School/Kids/ESE
Apalachee Elem - Weaving
Brookwood Middle & High -PaperMaking
Cross Creek Elem. - Weaving
Ft. Braden PK - Weaving
DeSoto Trail Elem - Weaving/Media Gadsden Elem. - Weaving
- Thomasville High - Weaving
- Garrison-Pilcher Elem. - Weaving

- MacIntyre Middle -Weaving
- Madison & Monticello ARC - Fiberarts/Photo
- Nims & Swift Creek Middle -TriWeaving
- PineView & Sullivan P-K -PaperMaking
-Woodville 4th Grade -Spin/Weave
*Day Camps:
KinderSchool - Weaving Field Trip
Unitarian Harmony - Weaving/Dyes
Epiphany Lutheran - Lamb/    Weaving/Dyes
Jefferson Arts - PaperMaking , Natural Dyes
Lafayette A&C - Weaving/Dyes Field Trip


DeSoto Trail Elementary blended the weaving/spinning experience with a media program highlighting the story of Woolbur, by Leslie Helakoski. Students read the story in the days before I arrived, but they really didn't relate to the process until they actually saw it done.

Woolbur does not run with the flock, would rather play with dogs instead, and is fascinated by spinning and weaving and dyeing. And so he experiments on his own wool, while he's still wearing it. As he so often refrains, "Isn't it great!"


School-wide presentations, grades K-4.

The ARC groups at Madison & Monticello used weavings in a different way


.We shot photos of ourselves, cut & manipulated the shapes into montages.
Then we wove them on the loom.
These images showed our interests, which "dressed" life-size cutouts of ourselves.

A good way to personalize our space at the center.

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