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 It's my pleasure to share the arts and my lambs with others who are interested in a visit. Join us for birthday parties, art parties, class or camp field trips.




Samples from the Activities
A seclection of weaving, paper, & dye projects...
    More photos from the groups
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Paper Weavings

Colorful papers, straws, or even woven imagery/photos.

Practice finger dexterity & cutting skills.

Wallpapers or scenery: creating with patterns and colors.

Woven shapes for valentines, greeting cards, holiday icons.

More Weaving. . .
Inspired by Native American fans and dreamcatchers, this "branch weaving" needs nimble fingers & wrapped yarns.
"Basketweaves" can use more involved patterns with vines, ropes, wools, etc.

& More Weaving. . .

Yarns on wooden or cardboard looms...

Older kids may enjoy the extra time spent weaving yarns into mats, pockets, or hangings."Palm Tree" below,made on a cardboard loom, uses shells, twig, and loops of yarn.

Woven photographs make self portraits special.

Triangle weaving - a unique alternative to traditional frame weaving, can provide a satisfying project. Wooden or cardboard looms can be removed, or act as a permanent frame.

Triangles made into a variety of projects: stuffed pillows, totes, scarves, belts, framed wall pieces...

Dye Transfers
   ~with fiber crayons


Dye-crayon transfers, & also crayon batiks,transfer permanent color to T-shirts, totes, muslin pillows, or sewn into a group project such as the quilt at right.

Colorful designs, logos, & drawings are pressed onto fabric or paper.

Logo on T-Shirt

Tie-dyed scarves & shirt can be done with natural dyes, fiber-reactive dyes, or cool-ade.

Dye Transfers of individual drawings sewn together made a group project into a quilt.

Natural Dyes
permanent color sourced from vegies, flowers, berries, barks, or minerals.

Fiber comes from many things: wooly sheep, furry pets, cotton or flax plants, woody barks, stringy vines . . .

Handspun wool is simmered in a natural dye bath. Strands of wool are hung on the line to dry, then braided into armbands, bookmarks, etc.


above: Cotton balls are a good source of fiber to be finger-spun into yarns.

at left: Wool and cotton are spun with fingers (& toes) with other fibers, such as ribbon, shiny mylar, or beads to make a textured, novelty yarn.


Handmade Paper Collages
   w/natural materials
Paper pulp includes many natural fibers -petals, leaves, etc, screened onto a mat and compressed.Handmade papers can be used for mats, collages, writing & drawing, book covers, bookmarks, painting or photo mats.

At top: pulp is suspended in water, then screened out. Middle: Screens are flipped onto felt and sponged to release the pulp. Bottom: pulp peels off the bottom side, laying flat on the felt.


at right, the glitter monster has struck...


Add embellishments: various fibers, yarns, spices, photos, glitter...

above: Treasure Map

Handmade book/pages with stitchery, paint, & woven yarns.

Above: colorful papers look translucent, adhered to glass doors to dry. Or below: lay in the sun til dry enough to peel off felt.

Paper planter, molded from pulp & magazine photos.

below: Treasure Map,
w/cartoons,words, hidden clues...

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Why waivers? This is my home and I want all visitors to feel comfortable, including the animals. The waivers protect us all - adults, children, and animals, a good-will gesture where we can then focus on enjoying art and nature. It's very simple language covering one time and one place, at my home only. Waivers are not necessary for demos and workshops held at your site.

Both Alice Cappa and I, ___________________, parent or guardian of ____________________, gives permission to attend and waives any claims for loss, expenses, or damages to or from any person, place, animal, or property during or arising from the visit and presentations with live sheep and craft demonstrations at 291 Green Meadows Dr., Monticello, FL, during the _________________________(school or camp name) field trip on date: _______________or alternate rain date.
Photos are taken of the visitors, which may,  or may not be posted on my webpage. (Check one. Please note, I never identify children online.)(http://www.alicecappa.com/Schools/DyedNwoolPhotos.html). Some may be pictured on a once-only newsletter, which will be sent to you.

                                        Owner, Alice Cappa.  S/  Alice Cappa,

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